GiCi is accredited to ISO 17025 by ANAB.

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Don’t Let a Surprise Audit Ruin Your Day; Calibrate Now! Over 28  Years and >20,000 Calibrations!

No one has serviced Dynalyzer™ longer or better than Greenwich Instrument Co. Inc. in Greenwich, CT.  We offer exceptionally fast turn around on your equipment calibration.  Dr. Jonathan Shapiro, President and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) headed up the Dynalyzer design team at Machlett Labs in 1976, and has been associated with the Dynalyzer ever since.

We have used, rebuilt Dynalyzer™ sets ready to go. We also have the New GiCi 2000/Parker Medical H917 voltage divider, high voltage test cables, and Hologic Mammo test cables. 


The high voltage units have been mechanically upgraded with new Delrin plastic insulating parts. Virtually all old Dynalyzer™ need a rebuild to replace broken or nearly broken Lexan parts. Contact us to rebuild your Dynalyzer tank. When it does fail, this may be one of the repair options. We put time and money into our rebuilt equipment, which is much better than used. Dynalyzer™ and voltage dividers calibrated, serviced, and sold by the inventor of the Dynalyzer™, Dr. Jonathan S. Shapiro, PhD.

Please request an RMA number. write  call 1-800-998-4424

Gici 2000 Voltage Dividers, Parker Monopole Dividers
1.  New  GiCi 2000 ( H917)  Dividers, tested +/- 75KV.  +/-82.5 kv test on request. $2250.00 .  4 week delivery.

2.  New ParkerH1049-P1 Monopole divders, cal data to 150 KV, $4500, hi-pot tested to 165 KV,with extended Federal Std connector. Also availabe with R28 HV connector. These are single dividers also available with 6 pin extendended federal std connectors for use with GE CT scanners.

Our Credentials

We are now ISO 17025:2005 accredited by ANAB . ISO 17025 incorporates most sections of ISO 9001, and is a rigorous examination of laboratory practices.

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ISO 17025 Scope of Calibration

Differences between 17025 and 9001

We also calibrate MAS meters, scopes and DVMs. We sell used- rebuilt Dynalyzer™ to customers worldwide. We are buying used Dynalyzer™ IIIA high voltage units. We offer excellent used equipment built from what we buy . We replace all old Lexan internal components of the Dynalyzer high voltage unit with Delrin, which does not develop stress cracks. Stronger than new.

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