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Delivering Excellence for More than 27 Years

Dr. Jon Shapiro, founder and president of Greenwich Instrument Co. Inc. in Greenwich, CT, was the engineering manager for Machlett labs in Stamford, CT where the Dynalyzer™ was invented in 1977. Dr. Shapiro nurtured the Dynalyzer™ II and III programs at Machlett, and has had more experience with the repair and calibration of this instrument than anyone else. Greenwich Instrument Co. Inc. also calibrates voltage dividers, DVMAs, oscilloscopes and digital multi meters. We stock test cables for the Dynalyzer™and voltage dividers.  

Greenwich Instrument Co. Inc. was founded by Dr. Shapiro in 1988 and is starting its 26th year. Dr. Shapiro has over 48 years of professional experience, working with x-ray and MRI equipment at Machlett and Philips, and infra-red equipment at Mikron Instruments and EDO/ Barnes Engineering.

Learn more about Jon Shapiro and used GiCi 2000/H917 voltage dividers (Pricing subject
to change).

Why Greenwich Instrument Co. Inc.?

  • Greenwich Instrument Co. Inc. is a small business run by an engineer for engineers. Because of this we can design fixes and modifications on the spot.
  • Greenwich Instrument Co. Inc. can modify any digital display for the OEC C-arm interface. We have an Auto Cal box for the 9600 C-arm available to rent, and Dynalyzers for rent.
  • We have designed internal improvements for the Dynalyzer High Voltage Units that make them more reliable than the original design.
  • We have a very low turnaround time—often a day, and rarely more than 3 days.
  • HV Test cables always in stock.